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Why study?

Career opportunities associated or derived specifically for training in Audiovisual Communication and Journalism can be grouped around a series of major axes or guidelines:

1. Editor of press in any medium.

2. Manager and director audiovisual.

3. Editor press officer or institutional communication.

4. Producer and manager of audiovisual and multimedia content.

5. Manager portal and editor content.

6. Manager communication companies.

7. Audiovisual writer.

8. Designer production and post-production visual and audible.

9. Researcher, teacher and consultant communication.


1. Editor of press in any medium

Professional journalism in any traditional or electronic media support. Understand assignments editor, reporter, presenter and director of one or several of them, including design, write and execute scripts reports and audiovisual or multimedia documentaries.

2. Manager and director audiovisual

Professional specializing in management duties realization in different audiovisual media, television, advertising, radio, multimedia, cinematographic with knowledge of the technical and artistic processes. He is a trained stage a project as a script or rundown and a tight budget to a previous work plan versatile professional.

3. Editor press officer or institutional communication

Professional a press office or communication of a public or private institution to coordinate and implement as many jobs need information or communicative entity.

4. Producer and manager of audiovisual and multimedia content

Professional designs, plans, optimizes and organizes human, technical and budgetary resources to produce audiovisual works in its various formats: cinema, radio, television, interactive or multimedia digital environments from development to final finishing and subsequent marketing.

5. Manager portal and editor content

Professional writing and editing jobs executing in general for publishers or creators of cultural and informational productions. Specialist treatment, management and editing all types of content preferably through digital systems.

6. Manager communication companies.

Trained to lead and manage firms covered by the media in all media professional. It deals with the management and direction audiovisual business: financial, commercial, fiscal, personnel or general, for the creation of companies dedicated to communication and dissemination of content. Meet the sources of funding and support programs in this area, whether European, national or regional.

7. Audiovisual writer

Professional responsible for developing content for rundowns, arguments, treatments, dialogues and scripts for audiovisual productions in different genres (fiction, documentary, entertainment etc.) and media (film, video, TV, radio, multimedia) and external consultant and script analyst and audiovisual projects.

8. Designer production and post-production visual and audible

Preproduction, production and postproduction: an expert in the design of all aspects related to sound, image and graphics, at various stages of audiovisual production professional. His professional profile also includes interactive environments for creating Internet-oriented productions, video games and other interactive materials for industry and training in general.

9. Researcher, teacher and consultant communication

Specialist research and analysis of phenomena and processes of communication to all public and private organizations, trained for the tasks advisory, consultancy and mediation. Teaching in higher teachings or stockings to teach subjects of communication and new information technologies and communication.